Pie Chart about my stats

No One Likes Being a Pharmacist

Statistically based, according to my previous post about why I hate being a pharmacist.

I wrote a previous post about why I hate being a pharmacist, thinking it would be one of the boring posts that wouldn’t get much attention. However, I was wrong! According to the statistics of the older blog of mine, that post was my most popular one!!

So why do people become pharmacists? I personally have no answer to this. And although I don’t like regretting things that already happened, because I believe that everything happens for a reason, and will build up to something nice with time, but if I am to regret something, it would be studying pharmacy. I don’t like, and I don’t enjoy working as a pharmacist.
And apparently I’m not alone!!

Pie Chart about my stats

The previous chart shows the amount of traffic to that specific post, with respect to all other posts and to the home page. It’s visited at least twice more than the second most popular post on my blog.

Another interesting thing I have noticed is the search keywords referring to the post.
Let me just mention a few of them that were most repeated:

  •  I hate being a pharmacist (with several changes, like removal of the “I” or some spelling mistakes, or addition of the “WHY?” question at the beginning)
  •  Why I hate pharmacy
  •  Why I hate pharmacists
  •  Why I hate pharmacy pharmacists (lol)
  •  Hate my job as pharmacist
  •  Why I hate being in pharmacy (dude trust me, you’re doing the fun part now just “studying” it)
  •  Odd: why I like being a pharmacist
  •  Why you love being a pharmacist? (ask the dude that searched for the phrase before you)
  •  Self satisfaction in working in pharmacy?
  •  What do you hate about being a pharmacist?

All of these hate pharmacy, except for that odd one who thought he loves pharmacy (well, maybe he’s asking in order to “maybe” find some reasons to love it, while he actually doesn’t love it?? Makes sense!)

If that is the case, then really would someone answer me with why do we all study pharmacy if no one likes it? And no one from the older pharmacists ever answered the question of why they love being a pharmacist.

The only answer I could think of is that (around the world or in most countries) pharmacists do make good money as soon as they graduate. They don’t need many promotions to have a good salary. But what happened to self satisfaction and feeling happy about your job?

This is an open ended post; I will not reach a conclusion with it, because I don’t have one. I could say however that pharmacy schools are huge scams :D lol

Another funny fact I would like to share about my previous post about my reasons of hating being a pharmacist in Sharm el Sheikh, I got many refers from search engines through the search phrases:

  • Condoms in Egypt.
  • Do I need injections before going to Sharm el Sheikh?
  • Reasons to date a pharmacist.
  • Sharm el Sheikh Prostitutes.
  • Prostitution in Egypt Sharm el sheikh 2012.
  • Are there prostitutes in Sharm el Sheikh?
  • Incorrect drug structures (seriously?:D)Before and after. Thoughts VS reality


Are you a pharmacist? are you enjoying it? or do you personally know someone who’s really enjoying being a pharmacist? Share your experiences with me, maybe I’ll learn a reason to like this job, or maybe more reasons to hate it :D


38 thoughts on “No One Likes Being a Pharmacist”

  1. That post caught my attention because I was and still am in the process of blogging about my recent career change. And I hated my job! I also had the same response from readers. I have written about both the love and the hate for my career. It’s funny that people get much more excited over the hate than the love. My guess is that when people are unhappy with something in their lives, they feel the need to console themselves by reaching out and finding others who share their pain.

    1. That’s true, people always try to look for other people who are sharing their pain…and I guess in my case (and obviously yours) many people are sharing that pain of job hatered haha :D

  2. Wow that’s crazy… I wonder what the stats would be for all kinds of jobs. Would be interesting to find out how many people actually like their jobs at all!

    1. I think a few would actually be ‘still’ inlove with their jobs, even if they chose to work it at the beginning.

      I think it will only leave out travel bloggers or travelers in general to be inlove with their jobs :D don’t someone could hate to travel at some point of their lives :D

  3. Came across this via twitter. I was a pharmacy technician for 10 years. I started when I was quite young. I always got asked by friends and family, “why don’t you got to school to become a pharmacist?”

    After a few years of being a tech I couldn’t imagine going to school for 5 years or more to do that job. Perhaps the job varies depending on where you work. I worked in a busy retail pharmacy location. (within a busy grocery store chain) We did over 500 prescriptions a day and had a drive through window. The staff nicknamed it McPharmacy. It was like working at a pill assembly line.

    The pharmacists were nothing more than prescription checkers. We were always short staffed. I can honestly say mistakes were even made due to this. The pharmacist never got proper time to counsel the patients as they should have been. Unfortunately many of them were so tired and stressed all the time they came to resent their job and the customers. I saw them get cold to the customers suffering. I actually heard one of them say they were tired of hearing all the complaining and whining from them.

    I stayed much longer than I should have. Even though I was just a tech, I still made pretty good money. Finally by health and well being were worth more to me than the dollars. I did enjoy the customers, they were the part of the job that I liked, but otherwise it was pretty boring.


    1. Thanks for the great input.

      Well, here in Egypt, a pharmacist and an assistant are basically the same. Ok I could be a little bit more lucky to work in a touristic area where tourists ask to speak to the pharmacist who’s available, but other than that we all do the same jobs. And tell me about staff shortage. It is just me and my father. and lately we finally had an assistannt (who btw knows more than I do sometimes, and I ask him alot!)

      But as you did, you didn’t have to study 5 years to be good at it, and for a retail pharmacy, i bet you were as good as the pharmacists available yeah? It’s a job that is learnt more by practice and getting to know the available medicines on the market more than studying (and i am talking only about retail pharmacies here).

      Thanks again for your comment, again made me feel that its not weird that I think this job is really boring!

      – Mina

  4. Nice to find out this site! I also work as a pharmacist and I also don’t enjoy to be a pharmacist. I currently work in outpatient pharmacy. Actually I consider myself to have some interests in the field of ‘medications’, but I don’t enjoy the way a pharmacist work. In my case, dispensing medications to patients from 8 to 5 is really torturing… like a dispensing machine. After working for some time, I started to feel more and more about the responsibility of ‘handling’ people’s health. This to me is really not a good thing. Sometimes this responsibility even makes me ‘feel’ the ugly side of me as a human being – understand the responsibility but really don’t like to do it. But however, I think this eventually affected by our personality, perception/philosophy of life, and I think there are still many people enjoy being a pharmacist.

    1. I hear you…What makes it even worse here in Egypt is that most drugs are OTC, so you really do get the chance of handling someone’s life…as much as dispensing Blood pressure medicines just because you took their blood pressure and it was high for several days in a row…It’s the patients that refuse visiting a physician :S

      And then again, it makes me feel guilty because for the business side of pharmacy, I have to try and sell more, and sell the more expensive medicines…which makes me feel more like an evil character using people’s illnesses to make profit!

      I do have some interests in the medication field too but they are not the dispensing part of it…If I’m to continue my medical career then I’d love to have something to do with public health in developing countries (not that Egypt isn’t one of them:P)

  5. Mina ,

    I fully agree with u.I hate being a pharmacist .what a boring job…!!!
    I graduated from Egypt then migrated to Australia.However ,there is no much difference regarding your job being boring as a pharmacist.I regret not doing medicine or dentistry.I don’t know what to do…..!!!!!
    I feel that I am trapped in my boring career.I don’t understand what made me study pharmacy.What a silly decision I took.

    1. I know, we all have the same feelings bro :) I didn’t want the medical field in general, but now that I was stuck in it, I regret not choosing medicine, more options and opportunities and an even more exciting career!

      But at least in Australia you can do some further studies and have a little change of career can’t you? For example by getting more into the clinical pharmacy career or the public health careers…

      Good luck and try to change your life to whatever suits you better :) don’t stay trapped!

  6. Me too.. I am still asking myself why i take pharmacy instead of medicine and dentistry..and it makes me want to give up but it is too late now. But i still believes in God’s will.

    1. Layla, there is always hope if you look for it. It is never too late to change your career if you really want to! It is not an easy decision, but you can always try something new and different and see if you’ll like it better or not.
      I understand there are lots of risks with this decision, but it might be worth it!

      Good luck :)

      1. I believe we wer sold a lie at university “The clinical expert in medicines”–All that time spent about being on the wars with the doctors. —I absolutely hate it and its very stressful–like working in a factory where targets rule. In most pharmacies its a just all day of listening to other staff ask reapeated questions that no one seems to know the answers. You end up going off at mutiples tangents because you keep getting interrupted. The majority are badly managed……you spend all day working like a complete faffing fart in a trance –going around like a manic headless chicken ——its the worst job in the world and i cant wait to quit once i can—even if i earn less i dont care anymore—its very dull to work in pharmacy

        1. I hear you Andrew…I worked almost one year in the pharmacy and I couldn’t take it anymore. I started traveling with the little money I saved, now the money is over, and I am in Indonesia doing a teaching internship, if I enjoyed the teaching thing maybe I’ll consider becoming a real teacher, not on an internship, but a paid one!

          Goodluck and I support your decision to quit whenever you have the chance to do anything else! Hopefully something more enjoyable…

        2. Hi Andrew, I feel the same way you did when you posted this. I have never been this unhappy, even when I had significantly less paying jobs. I get complaints from nurses all night ( i work midnights in a hospital). No-one appreciates what I do. I can fill hundreds of orders well and the one I don’t I get put on the cross. I am always stressed and I work with some of the most dysfunctional people I have ever met! When will this hell end. I owe so much in student loans and I will not make the money I do now. I will try to curb my spending so I can take a pay cut . I have to wait until my car is paid off to start. I am not a top dog and need to learn more or reinforce what I learned in school. I am looking for alternatives within the field. Not sure what to do, but I do feel like you.

  7. I am in so much pain . i also believe that everything happens for a reason , this was my fate and i thank god for where i am now but what do u think it felt like every single day going to a boring college and knowing that theres something else out there that i actually love to do , PAINTING ! 2 completely different roads and yet i chose the hardest and the less fun .. now that am graduated i have no idea what i wanna do ! its like i am doomed , pharmacy completely brainwashed me! . Hopefully things will get clearer by time and we’ll find ourselves where we wanna be , cheer up guys :)

    1. You can always change your life Nancy. Just because you studied pharmacy and you figured out you don’t like it doesn’t mean you have o work for life in a career you don’t enjoy! You are always free to study again something different, or even get a freelance job in the career you liked, painting! Good luck and stay cheerful :)

  8. finally i found someone who hates pharmacy as much as i do :)i’m an undergraduate pharmacist so
    i don’t hate the science itself i like what i’m studying o hate the profession and the fact that pharmacy careers are not promising at all ..may be clinical pharmacy is kinda different but my country * sudan *is like yours .. it’s all about community pharmacy and community pharmacy is all about OTC
    BUT i keep telling my self that i have soo much to learn in this field so may be i’ll find an interesting career other than c.p * optimism * :)

    1. I have to admit I also didn’t hate the science THAT much. Well, maybe cognosy and it’s branches (phyto chemistry…etc) were really bad, but I liked some subjects :D But all of these had NOTHING to do with real life work, and it wasn’t my passion either, and hence the career change. If you like studying these stuff you should look into R&D in some company/factory and don’t waste your time on community pharmacists. Good luck Sarah :)

  9. Hoho~ can’t believe i googled “hate pharmacy job”!

    i’m working at a hospital. continuously at wars with prescribers. don’t know neither i hate this job nor i hate the people who made our job miserable :'(

    yes! responsibility feels like enormous burden because we care. i can be a bad pharmacist — get paid every months but doing nothing to correct prescribers’ mistake but it just not right.

    erm,in conclusion : love my job is definitely NO.

  10. I graduated from pharmacy school in May 2012 and I am already planning on going back to school. Pharmacy is a horrendous career. I’m getting the hell out!!!

    1. Really may want to reconsider, depending on which state you are a pharmacist in, we may be able to make you love your job more then you ever thought possible. Feel free to e-mail me. coryrymal@gmail.com :)

  11. So I can understand all reasons why someone would not want to be a pharmacist. On the other hand, if you are a pharmacist in the United States, there is opportunity to be met and money to be made that many pharmacist lack the knowledge of. If you find yourself reading this gentleman’s blog and thinking how much you hate being a pharmacist, I believe I may be able to help. Feel free to contact me. Coryrymal@gmail.com

  12. Omg the biggest mistake in my life was becoming a pharmacist. I really wish i had done medicine or dentistry instead. You dont need a degree to do what a community/retail pharmacist does. Ive been tryne look for an alternative career the past 2 years but i cannt seem to land a job.

    1. You can always study again and start a new career, or land a new job that doesn’t require a strong degree and climb that ladder while studying courses or masters degrees…
      Goodluck Fay :)

  13. ok…so i’m not alone in this huh?…..i’m just a pharmacy student and i already hate this job…….

  14. Wow, im surprised to know that mostly pharmacist all over this world hate the job. I thought im alone or just being part of minority. Here, in Indonesia, being pharmacist is really tragic. We have to spend minimum 5 years to get it done. And in the work field, we are considered as lower than doctor. We dont really have the privilege about medicine. Its all just bullshit theory. And not to mention, the salary is pathetic for fresh graduate. My starting salary was even lower compared to my friends who study degree for 4 years. And also, if u work in community,its very boring, people dont really trust pharmacist, they are willing to pay more to go to doctor and its as if doctor always knows better about the drug prescription. What we do is only get it ready for the patient, and make sure its the right one, mostly like checker only, while pharmacy technician are the one who do most of the things. I also find it very hard to get a reason that maybe finally i will find my goal to pursue my career. I do have little hope in pharmaceutical industry, eventho u are not well-paid enough (no difference with degree holder) but at least there are many division to explore and learn. Well, another sad fact is that indonesia pharmacists are not recognized overseas. What best we can do maybe to get pharmacy technician or allied health. I feel pity for prospective student who has huge dream in this major. because the fact is there is no good future becoming pharmacist in Indonesia. Unless u are exceptional one, but i guess majority just so-so right.

    1. Anna – I understand what you mean. I was in Indonesia and I visited the pharmacy a couple of times and saw that it is exactly like Egyptian ones, patients coming in with prescriptions with trade names written on it, and all you have to do it get that written name…
      I hope you find a better path for yourself or find yourself somewhere else in the pharmaceuticals career. Good luck! :)

  15. Corey…in the US there may be a higher monetary compensation…that is decreasing due to an increase in pharmacy schools and decrease in jobs available. Regardless, it’s still very unrewarding in many aspects…because you are sorely underpaid in relation to expectations. People…don’t be fooled.

  16. My husband and I have been hospital pharmacists at different level 1 trauma centers with board certifications working for 38 years in the states. We hate our jobs. Way too late for us now but you young people please don’t get stuck in the trap. Life is too short to end up like we are. So busy, so stressed, phone never stops ringing, torn in 3 directions at once and then stat critical iv orders, or chemo’s or neonates, all it takes is one mistake and it could be someone’s life. Short staffed intentionally to save money for the powers at be. Money is always the bottom line. Not safety for patients. Do not pursue this profession. I work with 45 pharmacists( we are an 800 bed hospital) and no one likes their jobs. The poor new graduates are quickly disillusioned and we feel for them. Our goal is to make it till 65 when we can get Medicare because of course our hospitals don’t give you insurance coverage after you quit. And the most important thing , not to make a mistake that kills someone. If you’re young enough anything is possible. The world is out there so find a job that fulfills you. Good luck all

  17. Hi im a pharmacist just lik you guys but we have a one thing not in common
    you see I didnt get it at the start but us pharmacist we have so much power with in our filed of work wich empowers us to do as we please and sorry to hear some arent making good amount of money but I find it wired becuse thats not my case
    My point nothing in this life is supposed to be fun unless u love it with all your heart have big ass dream and go after it
    Its that or you will stay miserablefor the rest of your life either bieng a pharmacist or a freking astronaut
    And btw why is everyone going hard on us and treating us with disrespect becuse ppl who arent sure about there choice to take down this path gave a bad image
    Right now I run 3 pharmacy and not a single time a customer treated me in those ways ppl speak of

  18. I was licensed in ’11 and I can still remember why I chose the profession. When I was real little, a pharmacist asked what flavor I wanted my medication.The doctor couldn’t care less. I had wanted to be a physician but the realized I could be on the frontrunner healthcare without having to touch people.

    I started with the companies that care about profit more than people,we know who they are,and they lured me in with the pay. I hated my job and was looking for any form of job satisfaction. So I quit, began working fora relief agency, and got enough experience to learn not everywhere is a nightmare, I work retail because I want the patient interaction. I was fortunate enough to get a job with a company that instructed me to what I legally have to and spend the rest of my time talking to customers or whatever else I see fit. I do help my technicians when necessary, not because I have to but because I like them and they offer to get me lunch if I forget to bring something. Yeah I sit down and eat a proper meal every day, I have time for counseling, even on OTCs, full profile reviews, trying to convince MDs that I know more about drugs than they do, and occasionally just call to check up on someone that hasn’t been in for a while.

    I hated being a pharmacist but with a minimal pay cut, finding the right location,and being creative in some of the ways I help people, I am satisfied with choice of profession. I would even say I enjoy but like most jobs, there’s a schedule and some times you want to stay in bed or be anywhere ekse,

  19. I think being a pharmacists is a great career path. It would depend on where you work but I think working at a hospital is ideal. Personally I enjoy talking with the pharmacists when I get my prescriptions I think that its an attitude thing.

    1. Hi Johnny. I admit I was too angry writing the couple of posts here about how much I hate the pharmacy career. I still do not like this career and trying to avoid it all the time, but I do appreciate the fact that people have different tastes in everything, and if it wasn’t for you and other who do like this career, life would have been much harder!

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