Camino de Santiago - bridge

Bridges of the Camino de Santiago | Photo essay

I have learned a lot about life and gained a lot of experiences while walking el Camino de Santiago, for example I learned to Pack as Light as possible, that a hard road can be just completing a beautiful landscape and also that the more I climb up, the harder it is to descend!

I have also learned things about myself, one thing I noticed while looking at the 1000+ pictures I took is that I have something for bridges. There are loads of pictures of bridges! Small bridges, huge bridges, pictures of rivers from above bridges, and others from below the bridges; there is just a load of them in my library now.

And that is when I decided to share some of them with you, without much comment in between, because simply they are all just bridges. But they really still amaze me even when I just look at them in pictures!


As usual, that first bridge was a very significant one...

Camino de Santiago - first bridge

And this wasn’t the only time I stood on a bridge to take a picture of another bridge, or just of water passing below me (I am fascinated by that view! Don’t ask!)

Camino de Santiago -fishing man
This one was specifically...interesting...

Camino de Santiago - Logrono

Camino de Santiago - bridge

Camino de Santiago - bridge

Camino de Santiago - bridge

Camino de Santiago - bridge

And sometimes I even decided to take a photo from above the bridge, but with no water included, just of the city ahead of me when I was crossing that bridge..

Camino de Santiago - city view

And then there was the photo under the bridge…

Camino de Santiago - under the bridge

And also the bridge side views, Spain at the time I was there had so many bridges with no water underneath them, which looked kind of weird…

Camino de Santiago - longest bridge

Camino de Santiago - no water

and some were just normal, with water passing under them

Camino de Santiago - beautiful bridge

Camino de Santiago - puenta la reina
Puente la Reina (Bridge of the Queen) that was the city's name

Camino de Santiago - bridge

And finally, some bridges were plainly weird! But they were interesting to walk on…

Camino de Santiago - weird bridges
Picture was taken at dawn, with a mobile phone. Hope that explains the weird texture..

Camino de Santiago - weird bridges

Camino de Santiago - weird bridges
I hated descending all that for this tiny bridge, just to re-climb it all. Frustration!
Camino de Santiago - weird bridges
Keep your balance, and they are playing music for you! Circus

So that’s pretty much the ones I found good looking, interesting or somehow funny. I know I might be considered weird for this, but does anyone have something for bridges as well? or any other object for that matter? and constantly find themselves taking pictures of it involuntarily?

I can swear I didn’t notice the tens of bridge pictures I was taking until I was back! But now I know my case! Am I alone in this? :D

8 thoughts on “Bridges of the Camino de Santiago | Photo essay”

    1. Hi Mina,
      I am getting ready to walk the Camino in earl May 2014 and am fascinated by the many bridges and rivers I will cross. I googled the topic and your blog came up.
      To me bridges establish a connection, physical and emotional among and between places and ideas. I’m also a civil engineer, so their architecture and the fact that they are 1000’s of years old make them particularly interesting.
      Buen Camino

      1. The bridges were very interesting to me too, i understand what you mean by them having an emotional and physical connecting effect. You will see many old and modern on the camino. Hope you have the time of your life :) Buen Camino :)

  1. Love your photos. I’ve also noticed that I tend to take pictures of certain things while I’m on travel, like flowers. LOL! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Michaela, I only noticed this when I came back and was checking the pictures and showing them to friends, it was kind of embarrassing haha! I had the flower photography obsession a few years ago but gave up on it because my photos didn’t turn out that good (no good camera for close ups…)

      Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. I see that you have photographed the bridge of Pontemaceira… :) Despite I used to work in a nearby village, this amazing hamlet with its magnificient bridge has never stopped grabbing my attention. Each and every single time I passed by, I would stop to admire it, along with the sorroundings. Just for this area of otstanding beauty, the CamiƱo de Fisterra is worthwhile!

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