People of Indonesia
People of Indonesia
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People of Indonesia

I came to learn a huge deal about Indonesia while staying there for 5 months! I was amazed about how some of my expectations were totally wrong, and I’ve lived there long enough to catch on some of the Indonesian habits and language. But one thing never stopped amazing me is the locals.

Indonesian people are genuinely kind and interested in foreigners! Especially, as I’ve mentioned before on this blog, when you are in Java or on an island that doesn’t see so many tourists like Bali. They would approach you, try to take pictures with you and try their little English to try to pull of a conversation with you!

Usually I don’t feel comfortable taking pictures of people, but after my time in Indonesia was over, looking at my and my girlfriend’s photos I noticed there are some good pictures of people in Indonesia, and so here you go, without further ado, people of Indonesia!


Indonesian Students in Mojosari

 I’ve worked as an English teacher in a school in a small industrial village in East Java, the students were always shy around me, but they were also always excited to take some pictures!

Intern English Teacher with young girl indonesian students at home

I also lived inside the school, and therefore I was close to the people working there, like Mr. Liris the gardener, as well as to the animals that lived in the school. If you follow me on facebook you probably seen pictures of that Tokay Gecko before, and its partner, the day I first saw them behind my wardrobe.

man holding tokay gecko in indonesia mojosari******

One person that really amazed me, is that guy that is so determined to teach the new generation English better than that learned in school, he’s doing so as a way of giving back what has been given to him years ago. He had his own story and he came to school to visit me and to invite me to his English club! That is him with his family:

Indonesian man with his wife and daughters


What I’ve noticed, however, in the trend of out pictures, is that most pictures of people were from Madura Island! Now we’ve had an amazing time in Madura, exploring this island and never running into any other foreigners, it certainly felt so special being there! Especially Sumenep, my favorite city in Madura!

Indonesian kid jogging barefoot in Madura, Indonesia

Man jumping from fishing boat in river north Madrua, Indonesia

One amazing place I drove through during our road trip in Madura is the bull and cow market. Madura is actually famous for its bulls, and they even have bull races in a certain season, I sadly missed that!

indonesian madurese men walking and standing around bull in bull market, madura, indonesia

man walking his bull home - madura bull market

Also apart from the bull market, we’ve crossed countless normal markets in Madura. The thing is, there is one main road in Madura, coastal around the island, and it crosses through almost all markets in all cities and villages of the island!

Woman carrying basket on her head - Madura, Indonesia

Woman looking lost in market carrying basket on her head, Madura, Indonesia

Forgot something??

Man sitting on bamboo stems overlooking the ocean, Madura, Indonesia

Sitting and contemplating by the sea, I had to disturb him to ask for directions on my way out of Madura and back to Surabaya

Back to Java, specifically in Malang, and the mountains around it leading to the beach, I always saw those men on motorbikes carrying lots of harvest! Here is one of them that my girlfriend managed to photograph while driving.

man driving motorbike carrying harvest in east java, indonesia

Ok I know that all pictures here are of the country side people, in the markets and in the farms, during their jobs…etc, however, I can’t deny that there is another side for the Indonesian culture, the underground music scenes for example, which is very big in the Jazz Corner in Malang!

Guys playing jazz music in Malang, Indonesia

To be honest, the guy in the background on the drums is another intern friend of mine who introduced me to this place, he’s French not Indonesian!

Well, these are my photos of people of Indonesia, and though this doesn’t make Indonesian people justice at all, as they are much more diversified than this, but this is all I have to show! Hope you enjoyed them.

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